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Chocolate Cream Biscuits

Biscuits are all time favorite snack, best enjoyed with tea or coffee. Be it of any company, name or flavor, a tea tray is incomplete without semi-soggy, sweet indulgence. It is preferred tea time snack across all age groups. Many people understand the simple joys of milk biscuits, cream biscuits, glucose biscuits and fruit cream biscuits. A wide variety of tastes is offered at reasonable prices. The company offers biscuits, which are a perfect combination of taste, quality and nutrition. Packaged in different size packs, these are available everywhere, from a small village, town or a large urban city.

Key points:

  • Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, UP and Andhra Pradesh are the biggest biscuits consuming states of India:
  • These can be packaged in beautiful packs and these goodies can be gifted to family or friends on any occasion.
  • These biscuits are available in a variety of flavors.
  • From salty, sweet, semi sweet to cream, all categories are covered.
Product Image (MB)

Milk Biscuits

Price: 150 INR

Key Features:

  • Delicious taste
  • Crispiness
  • Purity
  • High nutritional value

Product Image (CB)

Cream Biscuits

Price: 150 INR

Key Features:

  • Crunchiness
  • Rich taste
  • Freshness
  • Easy in digestion

Product Image (GB)

Glucose Biscuits

Price: 60 INR

Glucose Biscuits are one of the most commonly consumed biscuits owing to their good taste and high energy. They are baked under controlled temperature conditions using several ingredients including wheat flour, milk, invert syrup, sugar, and edible vegetable oil. These biscuits taste best with milk and are highly loved by children. They are comprised of high amount of carbohydrates with medium to low content of dietary fibers, protein, and fats.

Product Image (FCB)

Fruit Cream Biscuits

Price: 26 INR

Fruit Cream Biscuits are greatly admired for their delicious taste, fruity flavor, and crunchy base & top. They can be the perfect treat for your kids and are equally loved by adults with milk or tea. These have a soft & creamy layer in between of two crispy biscuits. To add more to their taste and provide irresistible appearance, they have a jam topping at the center.

Product Image (PCB 001)

Premium Cream Biscuits

Price: 260 INR

Premium Cream Biscuits offers a delightful taste in very bite. These have a center filled with fruit flavored cream wrapped between two crunchy biscuits. These biscuits are baked using quality approved ingredients under optimum & controlled conditions to assure their uniform taste. Delightfully rich & creamy, these biscuits are perfect to satisfy those sweet cravings and are offered in hygienically sealed packets to keep their freshness & crunch intact.