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Detergent Bar

Looking for standard quality Detergent Bar for washing clothes or cleaning utensils? Our wide range of detergent cake which is prepared from non toxic grade raw materials, is perfect for eliminating dirt, grease, oil and stain from cookware, utensils and clothes. The special skin friendly content of this cleaning product prevents dryness and itchiness of hands that are generally caused by chemicals used in other detergents. Available in rectangular or round shaped cake form, this Detergent Bar is preferred for its strong anti bacterial properties, high cleaning efficacy, cost effectiveness, nice smell, minimal utilization of water and good foaming characteristics.


  • The offered cleaning product lasts for longer period
  • The special composition of this bar effectively removes stain and dirt by using minimal amount of water
  • Reasonable price
  • Good anti bacterial properties
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Detergent Soap

Price: 5 INR

Detergent Soap is utilized for washing utensils to maintain their shine, remove germs, and stains from food leftover. This soap is used with the help of scrubber or sponge to create foam and perform lathering action on the cookware. It is highly appreciated for its ability to easily clean oily & sticky surface of steel or brass utensils. This soap is provided in a plastic cup to assure its long lasting nature.

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Dish Washing Soap

Price: 5 INR

Dish Wash Soap is formulated using sodium LAS, concentrated lime juice, water, and sodium carbonate in appropriate quantities. It is used for washing cookware with the help of sponge for rubbing action. This soap is known to have the ability to eliminate greasy or oily stains from plastic, glass, & metallic utensils. It also cleans black coating from cooker base which occurs due to direct flame and produces sparkling surface finish with antibacterial action.

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Detergent Cake

Price: 5 INR

Detergent Cake is used to wash clothes by applying it over the wet fabric and scrubbing the area gently to remove dirt & stains. It is in the bar form having feldspar or quartz as abrasive, acetic acid to adjust alkalinity, sodium carbonate to make builders & surfactants more efficient, antimicrobial agents, and pigments. This cake is known to give germ free, bright, and dirt less garments with natural texture.