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Solar Power Plant

Solar power plant developed in early 1860s, has revolutionized and thriving to become the world's largest source of electricity. This system is designed to convert the sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic (PV) is s semiconducting material, which uses solar cells to generate electric power upon the exposure of sun light. Various equipment and appliances can be powered with solar system. This system is used widely used in rooftop and building integrated systems, power stations, rural electrification, standalone systems, in transport, telecommunication and signaling and spacecraft applications. When every home, factory, commercial building and institute will run on solar power, global warming will be significantly slow down.

Key points
  • With technology advancements, this system has become inexpensive.
  • Zero pollution is generated, as it promises clean energy production.
  • With little maintenance, this system can operate for many years.
  • In near future, most solar system installations would be India, after China.
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Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Price: 40 INR

Solar Photovoltaic Panels are utilized to be mounted on the roof top in order to convert sunlight into usable electrical energy. They are comprised of a number wafer based crystalline silicone cells arranged in a series that absorbs sun rays to generate electricity via photovoltaic effect. These panels are ideal to be used in both domestic and commercial sectors. They are known to significantly reduce the electricity cost with the ability to generate high amount of power that can be stored in installed inverters.

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Solar Power Plants

Price: 40 INR

Solar Power Plants are utilized for converting natural light coming from the sun into electricity. They are high in demand in numerous industries and residential societies due to their high power generation capacity. These plants comprise of an array of PV panels having thin film cells that absorbs sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. They are mounted on the terrace or rooftops where direct sunrays fall on to these panels.

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Solar Plant

Price: 40 INR

Solar Plant is an electricity generating system which uses sun rays to convert them into electrical energy. It is also equipped with concentrated mirrors to focus large area of sunlight into a narrow beam to the panels. This plant is comprised of photovoltaic modules having a large number of silicone cells that store energy. To protect these panels from moisture & mechanical damage, they are provided with a layer of thick glass on the top.