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Solar Power Plant

Solar power plant developed in early 1860s, has revolutionized and thriving to become the world's largest source of electricity. This system is designed to convert the sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic (PV) is s semiconducting material, which uses solar cells to generate electric power upon the exposure of sun light. Various equipment and appliances can be powered with solar system. This system is used widely used in rooftop and building integrated systems, power stations, rural electrification, standalone systems, in transport, telecommunication and signaling and spacecraft applications. When every home, factory, commercial building and institute will run on solar power, global warming will be significantly slow down.

Key points
  • With technology advancements, this system has become inexpensive.
  • Zero pollution is generated, as it promises clean energy production.
  • With little maintenance, this system can operate for many years.
  • In near future, most solar system installations would be India, after China.