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Solar Rooftops

Solar roof top is a grid-connected PV systems, in which power is generated only when it is exposed to sunlight. The main components of this system are solar PV panels, inverter, mounting structure, battery and charge controller. Installation of solar system on roof top is the best suited area, where the sunlight can be captured the most and energy is generated with minimum carbon footprint of any organization. It is just one time investment, as the benefits it will provide will last longer. By installing this system, one can save thousand of rupees. It will be an efficient source of clean energy, that will reduce your electrical bills.

Key points:
  • Solar roof top system, rooftop photovoltaic power station and solar roof mounting systems offered by the company at cost effective pricing.
  • These are easy to install, operate, maintain and offer cost effective access to solar energy.
  • The installation and maintenance costs are minimum.
  • PV panels and Lead-acid batteries
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Solar Roof Top System

Price: 120000 INR

Solar Roof Top System is a series of PV panels installed on the terrace facing towards the sun. It is known to reduce the electricity cost by converting solar energy into electrical energy. This complete system consists of mounting racks, inverter, charge controller, power meter, and a battery pack. In case this system is not connected to utility grid, a backup generator is provided to meet high demand or during poor weather resulting in low system output.

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Rooftop Photovoltaic Power Station

Price: 40 INR

Rooftop Photovoltaic Power Station is the most effective method to save electrical energy and reduce cost. It is high in demand in industries, power plants, houses, residential societies, and shopping complexes. This power station works by absorbing incoming sunrays with the help of a series of silicone cells attached to the PV panels and converting them into electricity. It works on the principle of photovoltaic effect creating a flow of electrons that can be stored in batteries for later use.

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Solar Roof Mounting Systems

Price: 120000 INR

Solar Roof Mounting Systems are one of the perfect choices to meet the electricity demand in rural & slum areas. They can either be connected to the utility power grid or can have their own battery & backup generator. These systems are provided with aluminum frame solar panels having wafer based silicone cells to absorb sunlight. They convert absorbed light into a flow of electrons that are utilized as a source of electrical energy for running household appliances.